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Preschool on the Farm offers quality in-person and online instruction based on state standards for early childhood and whole-child learning theories. Class curriculum is designed by a certified teacher and parents are welcome to visit and volunteer as much as possible.


Preschool on the Farm focuses on kindergarten preparation. Public schools have eliminated half day kindergarten programs which provided a transitional period for young children before entering school for a full day. Kindergartners are more successful if they are given the chance to transition slowly from home to full day classes. Our kindergarten prep classes offer young children the chance to do just that! All classes are half day and focus on school readiness skills!

Preschool on the Farm provides a safe and nurturing learning environment that fosters mutual respect and social outlets. Students learn to work together and collaborate during fun and engaging projects. Our unique location also provides opportunities for outdoor learning environments and encourages a love of nature.

Due to COVID concerns, we are not currently offering in-person tours, but you can get a great feel for the classroom with this video:

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