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virtual preschool online preschool

Enroll Now!

To enroll in Farm to Table Virtual Preschool, you'll need to do TWO things:

*Fill out and submit digital enrollment packet
*Submit enrollment fee of $20 and enroll in recurring tuition payments!

CLICK BELOW to enroll!

virtual preschool online preschool


Miss Shanda did a wonderful job at transitioning to an online platform (zoom classes) during the 4th quarter of preschool! I was worried that my 4 year old wouldn't be interested, but Miss Shanda knew how to keep her and all of the other students engaged during the class! We loved all the science experiments, dance parties, and games that Miss Shanda taught over Zoom and would 100% recommend this option!


I was amazed at the amount of learning Ms. Shanda was able to facilitate during online classes. My son enjoyed still being able to participate in preschool. He loved doing activities from his learning bag.


 All of the activities that Ms Allison did with the class were very interactive and it felt like they were all together, even though they weren’t. Showing those few experiments were really awesome too!

virtual preschool online preschool


Get your kiddos started in preschool from your own home! This "Farm to Table" option allows preschoolers to learn from home which is a great fit for families who are looking for more flexibility or prefer a guided homeschool education model. 

Virtual preschool is designed for children ages 3-4-5, but you know your child best!

virtual preschool online preschool


Videos will be posted three times a week for you to view at your convenience. All videos are interactive and FUN- full of activities your kiddos will love! Some of our favorite things to do during virtual preschool: 
*Letter Work
*Math Games

*Story Time

*Scavenger Hunts

*Science Experiments

*Dance Parties

*Games! Games! Games!

CLICK HERE for a sample video lesson AND printable companion resources!

virtual preschool online preschool


Each month, your child will receive a packet of resources and games mailed right to your house! These activities will help extend the learning at home, and coordinate with the online preschool videos posted each week. 

Packets contain several reusable games and resources! We also provide lots of ideas to use the resources in new ways, and to make them engaging for a wide range of skill levels.

Students outside the continental United States will receive their packet digitally each month.

virtual preschool online preschool



Tuition is due on the 20th of each month to be applied to the following month, and is paid using our autopay subscription service. If you enroll between the 1st-20th of the month, your videos will begin the next month! 
If you enroll after the 20th of the month, you'll miss the deadline for the following month but your videos and packets will arrive in appx 4 weeks when your first tuition payment is made!

And YES- we offer sibling discounts! Click the blue ENROLL button to learn more!

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